Introducing OGV Luxury Coach

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Class-B Conversion Vans that are as original as you are.

OGV Luxury Coach, managed by Tim Gray – the pioneer of today’s popular custom Class B van category – builds custom Mercedes Sprinter Class B vans, and custom Prevost Bus conversions. The goal behind this collaboration: build the most trusted, highest-quality custom coach division in the industry by combining Tim’s expertise and reputation with Forest River’s financial security and industry leadership.

The Original V-Series
  • V-Cruise

    V-Cruise Series

    The V-Cruise series offers four floorplans that include a rear toilet and an optional partition wall for chauffeur-driven applications.

    Features & Floorplans
  • V-Drive

    V-Drive Series

    The V-Drive series offers five floorplans, all featuring a full partition wall for chauffeur-driven applications (no toilet or shower).

    Features & Floorplans
  • V-RV

    V-RV Series

    The V-RV series offers four floorplans, each with a shower, toilet and OGV's standard "Anywhere Lithium" package.

    Features & Floorplans
  • V-Sport

    V-Sport Series

    The V-Sport series offers four floorplans, all featuring maximum seating and storage for traveling families and teams.

    Features & Floorplans
Luxurious. Thoughtful. Confident.

OGV targets two distinct and equally important audiences. First are the luxury travelers driven by comfort, smart design and smooth travel, whether it's between homes, to the city for an evening of entertainment, or to the game on the weekend. Second, are the adventure seekers who value smart function and endless features to make this home as cool and exciting as the hiking, rafting, skiing, mountain biking and wilderness exploring they love so much.

Luxury Travelers
Adventure Seekers
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